CBD Oil As A Balm In The Coronavirus Era

With the advent of the coronavirus to a premier spot in the news, there are a lot of questions regarding CBD oil. While a number of online scammers have touted its effectiveness, there are some simple things to keep in mind when looking for CBD oil in your local area. Given all of the various issues surrounding cannabis and its associated issues backed by all of the chaos as people adjust to the current crisis, it may be worth looking at how some of those products have been affected by the panic and how it can help deal with the crisis as well.

First: The Caveat
As far as the coronavirus itself is concerned, CBD oil has no real effect. While some online scammers have decided to attempt to push CBD oil and other cannabis products as a cure possible or otherwise for COVID-19, the reality is that it has no effect against the virus itself. No cannabis product can currently prevent the virus nor cure its effects should a person catch it. The best one can currently do is keep their immune system up and going, preferably through exercise and good food, as well as work to prevent exposure to the virus. Keep that in mind and take reasonable precautions to stay healthy and safe.

This does not mean that CBD oil is completely useless in the current crisis. One of the symptoms it can do something about is anxiety, and that should be something worth exploring. With all of the various sources of anxiety currently assaulting everyone on a near-constant basis, some form of escape valve is necessary in order to ensure that people do not lose it completely and give in to the anxiety. While one should use any form of medication in moderation, as long as that guideline is observed then there should be no problem taking advantage of the oil every so often in order to keep anxiety at bay and your senses sharp.

How Essential Is It
One of the biggest immediate changes is the consideration as to whether or not those involved in the cannabis trade are essential personnel or not. This is a valid issue as essential personnel is allowed to stay at their jobs while non-essential personnel has been requested to stay home whenever necessary, even without some form of stay-in-place order in effect. The honest answer is that it depends; different areas have made different decisions on it, and a number have even reversed their decision shortly after. In another region, it depends on if the clientele for a particular location is primarily recreational or prescribed. While employees obviously know, customers should call ahead in order to determine if their favorite location is open.

The Product Itself
Naturally, there is a reasonable fear of contracting coronavirus from the product itself. Assuming reasonable precautions are taken during the processing of the CBD oil, there should not be any major risks of contamination; cannabis is in and of itself a decent antiseptic. Also, the process of creating the oil is in laboratory conditions, ensuring that the oil should not present a health risk. All told, while it may not a cure for the virus itself, it should help deal with the anxiety created by the virus without actually being a vector itself, allowing you to enjoy the CBD oil on its own merits.